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Why You Should Get a Flower Girl Dress With Tulle

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When we’re considering flower girl dresses, there are many fabrics to choose from. At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent royal wedding, the flower girls were adorned in ivory silk Radzimir dresses. The dress materials that are en vogue include silk, satin, organza, taffeta, chiffon, and velvet. However, the tulle flower girl dress is another popular option. Why should you get a flower girl dress with tulle? Let’s explore all the reasons why!

What is Tulle?

Little girl twirling in pink flower girl dress with tulle

You are familiar with the ballerina tutu, right? Well, most tutus are made of tulle. Tulle is a netting or mesh material that consists of a hexagonal pattern. It can be made from silk, nylon or rayon. This fabric has some degree of stiffness, yet it is quite lightweight. Tulle is an excellent accompaniment to other materials like satin and organza. The fabric is easily decorated with floral appliques and other adornments. Its lightweight nature is perfect for the beautiful poofy skirt that will make your flower girl look completely cute on that special day. 

Benefits of Flower Girl Dresses With Tulle

The actual wedding day is a time of joy, but it can be quite long. You will want to keep your youngest attendant looking pristine all day. Tulle doesn’t wrinkle easily, so it is an excellent option for your mini bride. It is also lightweight, and easy to wear for the duration of the ceremony and the celebration afterward. This makes it perfect for flower girls of all ages. Here’s a great example of an adorable tulle dress that’s available at Daddy’s Girl Clothing:

Why You Should Get a Flower Girl Dress With Tulle

How to Choose Flower Girl Tulle Dresses

Let’s explore the factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a flower girl tulle dress (or any other dress): 

Fabric: We have already discussed the merits of tulle as a material for a flower girl dress. But, regardless of the dress you choose, you need to make sure that your little mini bride is comfortable. Therefore the material needs to be breathable, easy to wear, and wrinkle-free.

Style: The flower girl’s dress has often been a replica of the bride’s gown. However, you should bear in mind that some designs are not child-friendly. All is not lost though. You can still take some design elements from your wedding dress and incorporate them in your flower girl’s dress. You can use appliques, lace, or color to link the two dresses. 

Length of Dress: The length of your flower girl dress is another factor. For younger girls, you should opt for a shorter dress. This will allow them to move about easily without tumbling over a long dress hem. However, older girls can wear long dresses, because they can navigate the longer hemline. 

Shop Online for Tulle Flower Girl Dresses

Shop online for flower girl dresses with tulle

We’ve shared our take on tulle flower girl dresses. You now have all the info you need to make the best choice for your little mini bride. At Daddy’s Girl Clothing, we have a wide range of tulle flower girl dresses that you can check out. Visit us online for the best designs and enjoy our great savings today!

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