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Why You Should Choose a Lace Flower Girl Dress

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When it comes to the material for a flower girl dress, there are a variety of options available to you. The popular choices are silk, satin, organza, tulle and many others. At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent royal wedding, the flower girls’ dresses were made of ivory silk Radzimir. However, lace flower girl dresses have been the traditional choice for brides. Are you wondering about choosing a lace flower girl dress? Keep reading for more info on this classical dress material!

Lace is Vintage and Vintage is Popular!

Vintage lace flower girl dress

We know, some blasts from the past are best not repeated in modern times. However, lace is a vintage material that remains relevant throughout the decades. The intricate beauty of lace exudes a timeless elegance. Lace can be either hand-made or machine-generated, wherein the more faded the look, the more historical the design seems. Ivory, cream, and violet shades show well within a lace fabric. You can choose to go for a full vintage look in a lace flower girl dress, or you can opt for lace accents instead. Here’s a beautiful lace dress that you can purchase at Daddy’s Girl Clothing:

Why You Should Choose a Lace Flower Girl Dress

Lace is Hard to Tear

Yes, lace may seem fragile, but the reality is that it is quite a hardy fabric. It doesn’t tear easily - regardless of whether it’s made by hand or machine. Lace is a carefully knitted material, so when it is added to a dress, it makes it both beautiful and formidable. 

Flexibility is the Key

Lace material has a lot of elasticity. This makes it perfect for flower girls, as children seem to grow overnight! However, this flexibility is not infinite. So we recommend that you purchase your lace flower girl dress no more than six months before your wedding day. You should also buy a size up for your mini bride. That way, you’ll be sure that the dress fits your little attendant perfectly. 

Lace Flower Girl Dresses are Comfortable

 Girls in playing in lace flower girl dresses in a paddock

The breathable quality of the lace material makes it a perfect choice for hot and humid temperatures. A lace flower girl dress will keep your little mini bride in cool comfort for the duration of your ceremony. For cold seasons, a lace dress is best underlined with a heavier fabric like satin to keep her warm. The lace overlay will be a beautiful accent to any dress of any hue. 

Lace is Unique

Unique bridal lace and golden beads

The pattern of any lace material is unique, which adds to its charm. You want your wedding day to be special for everyone. Therefore, a lace flower girl dress is just one of the many ways to make it so. 

Choose a Lace Flower Girl Dress Today!

We have shared all the wonderful qualities of lace flower girl dresses with you. You are in the perfect position to make the best choice for your special day. A lace flower girl dress can add that unique, vintage touch to your celebration of unending love. At Daddy’s Girl Clothing, we have a wide selection of lace flower girl dresses just for you! Visit us today for exceptional deals as well.

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