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It’s the Season for Weddings and Flower Girl Dresses!

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The April showers bring the warmer months of spring and summer, and they also bring weddings! And no wedding party is complete without a flower girl, or two, or even six  - if we’re talking about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding. While you want to get a gorgeous wedding gown for yourself, you also want to pay attention to your flower girl’s dress. It’s important that your mini bride also looks her best on your special day.

Here are a few quick tips that you need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best dress for your little flower girl. Keep reading for more details!

Match Your Wedding Theme

It’s important that your flower girl matches the theme of your wedding. So if it’s a traditional wedding, then choose a traditional dress. However, if your wedding will be at the beach,  or in another relaxed setting, then choose a dress to match. The flower girl is a part of your wedding party, so she needs to fit in with ease.

Consider the Accessories

When buying a flower girl dress, you want to consider the accessories as well. The hairstyle selected should be age-appropriate and comfortable for your flower girl to wear all day. The right hair accessories are sure to add that special pop of interest to her overall appearance.

Choose the Right Material

Your little flower girl will need to wear her dress all day and still look pristine. We recommend choosing a wrinkle-free material, or one that hides any wrinkles quite well - like chiffon.

You also want to ensure that your flower girl’s dress is lightweight and easy for her to wear. Remember, she will need to have it on for a long time, so you want her to not only look good but feel great too!

The Right Dress Length

For younger flower girls, go with a shorter dress. However, if your flower girl is older, then a longer dress length will do. You don’t want your little one taking a tumble while walking down the aisle. So make sure that the dress length is age-appropriate.

Experiment With Colour!

It’s the Season for Weddings and Flower Girl Dresses!

There’s no rule that says that the flower girl’s dress must be white or ivory. You can choose a brighter colour. The colour of her dress can be in keeping with your wedding colours. Or, you can choose for her to wear touches of your wedding colours, such as a coloured satin belt. Don’t limit your options!

Order Close to the Wedding Date

One thing is true: children grow - really fast! While you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get your flower girl’s dress, you also don’t want to buy it too early. We recommend that you get her dress within three months of your wedding date.

Enjoy Your Day With Your Flower Girl!

Your wedding day is a magical one and you can also make it memorable for your flower girl. Make sure that she’s well entertained with easy games and colourless food to keep everyone happy. You should also compliment her about her appearance and her good behaviour. You want to make her feel special by taking lots of cute pictures with her that you will both cherish in the years to come!

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