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The Perfect Accessories for Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

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If you selected an ivory flower girl dress for your mini-bride, then you’ve chosen a unique color. The flower girls in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding looked so cute in their ivory silk Radzimir dresses! Are you wondering about the best accessories for ivory flower girl dresses? No worries - we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for some great accessories to match this beautiful color choice.  

Ivory Flower Girl Dress: Rules for Accessories

So you have decided to go with an ivory dress for your flower girl. Good choice! This option will give her skin tone an adorable glow throughout your wedding. Now let’s review some rules or guidelines that you should follow as you accessorize your little flower girl for your big day:

Don’t Overdo It!

Sure, you want your flower girl to look adorable, but remember: less is more. A simple and beautiful hairstyle with a few matching accessories are sufficient. You don’t want your little one to feel like a heavily ornamented tree at Christmas!

Think About Her Comfort

peaceful girl in ivory flower girl dress in a sunflower field

Your flower girl will be happiest when she’s most comfortable. Avoid shoes that pinch her feet and bulky, uncomfortable accessories. Although fashion is important, remember that her comfort will help her to be the best little attendant on your wedding day.

Choose the Right Color

In the case of ivory flower girl dresses, pastel and dark color palettes are the best accompaniment. Pastel colors like pink and light blue complement ivory’s earthy tone quite well. On the other hand, darker colors such as deep plum, hunter green, burgundy, and chocolate brown richly contrast with ivory for a stunning effect. 

Experiment With Different Hair Accessories

Feel free to experiment with different hair accessories in order to get the right fit with your ivory flower girl dress. Your flower girl’s selected hairstyle will determine the choice of accessories. There are bows, jeweled mini barrettes, fancy hair ties, and so much more for you to try! 

The Best Accessories for Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

Now let’s consider some great accessories for your flower girl’s unique dress color. 


Your mini-bride must have comfortable footwear. For younger girls, focus on flat shoes with no heels for maximum comfort. However, a tiny kitten heel may be appropriate for older girls. Fully enclosed shoes are a must for winter and fall months. But in the warmer months, a pair of stylish leather sandals may be the order of the day: 

The Perfect Accessories for Ivory Flower Girl Dresses


A beautiful sash around the waist (in the approved color palettes) makes her ivory flower girl dress pop. You can choose from all the color options available in pastel and the dark rich colors as we discussed before. Your chosen wedding colors can also guide the selection of the colored sash for her dress. 

Hair Bows for Updos

When it comes to the wedding day hairstyle for your flower girl, choose one that she would normally wear. Updos are a simple choice and colorful hair bows are the perfect accessory for this hairstyle. At Daddy’s Girl Clothing, we have an impressive selection of colorful hair bows: 

 The Perfect Accessories for Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

Tiaras and Garlands

Nothing says “princess” like a tiara! You can choose a gold tiara for your flower girl to look regal. Alternately, you can choose a cute floral garland for your mini-bride. Her loose, flowing tresses will complement these accessories. 

 flower girl wearing a garland and playing with a butterfly

Hair Barrettes and Hair Clamps for Curly Tresses

The Perfect Accessories for Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

Bejeweled hair barrettes and crystal hair clamps work well for partial updos, a mix of cute braids and curls, or just flowing tresses. You can choose any of these hair accessories for your flower girl’s special hairdo on your big day!

The Perfect Accessories for Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

Hair Ties for Simple Ponytails

These stylish hair ties will add a special touch to the simplest ponytail or easy updo. Even if your flower girl prefers to keep her tresses loose, she may grow tired of having hair in her face. These fashionable hair ties are quite handy to put her hair into a comfortable ponytail at your reception.  

The Perfect Accessories for Ivory Flower Girl Dresses 

Ivory Dress for Your Flower Girl and the Best Accessories

We have shared many wonderful accessories that pair well with ivory flower girl dresses. You have many options, but if you use our guidelines, you will make excellent choices for your flower girl. We invite you to browse the wide selection of dresses, shoes, hair accessories and much more at Daddy’s Girl Clothing. Visit us and shop for the best deals that we have on offer! 

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