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Ivory Flower Girl Dresses - A Guide To Help You Dress Your Flower Girl

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It is true that being in a wedding party is an honor, but it can also be a pretty big expense. In this guide on flower girl dresses, we hope to share all you need to know about this aspect of your wedding.

Nowadays, an ivory flower girl dress comes in just about every material. The role of a flower girl has been mostly just to look adorable walking down the aisle sprinkling flower petals and to add that extra element to your wedding photos.

Hopefully, this article will help you decide on what suits your wedding.

Who should be the flower girl?

Typically, the flower girl at a wedding is a young relative; say, a daughter, niece or a cousin.

It is not usually advisable to use girls under three as they might clamp under the pressure of a big day such as a wedding.

Also, the tradition is to have one flower girl. But brides have also chosen to have a number of flower girls after failing to select one among competing kids. Thus, in essence, there is no hard and fast rule concerning flower girls. It is up to the desire of the bride.

Little girl wearing a blue ivory flower girl dresses

What must a flower girl wear?

It is customary for a flower girl to wear a tea-length dress or a ball gown dress – something special and very festive, worthy of wearing to an event. An Ivory Flower girl dress usually features ruffles, embroidery, sequins, you name it. There really are no strict rules for ivory flower girl dresses.

An Ivory flower girl dress is the most searched for. The difference between flower girls and junior bridesmaids is clear here – flower girls can wear pretty much, what you want while junior bridesmaids are likely to match the colors of the older bridesmaids.

Flower Girl Dress Ideas

Finding a unique flower girl dress idea is a mammoth task. There is just a ton of dresses to think about, but an ivory flower girl dress is highly recommended for wedding occasions.

Here, we list some ideas on how to choose the flower girl wedding dress:

  • The flower girl dress must match the wedding theme and season
This is probably straightforward; if you’re having a traditional wedding, then you need to pick traditional flower girl dresses. Similarly, if it’s a beach-side wedding, then a casual and simple dress will do. Goes without saying, you will also need to ensure that your flower girl has a dress that matches the season – hence there are many varieties of flower girl dresses, but an ivory flower girl dress is perfect compared to any other flower girl dresses
    • Flower girl dresses don't have to be white
    Yes, traditionally the flower girl wears white, but an Ivory flower girl dress is more popular nowadays. If you're going for all matching it's probably best to choose something on the plain side in order to suit the majority of tastes and an ivory flower girl dress is perfect due to its' simplicity; an all-over ivory flower girl dress will surely, look amazing and perfect for that sweet flower girl of your wedding.
      • Flower girl dresses don't have to be from your wedding dress supplier
      Buying a flower girl dress from your wedding dress supplier can be an advantage, but you don’t have to buy from them if for any reason you decide not to. You might also find a cheaper, yet still an attractive kind of ivory flower girl dress elsewhere.


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