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Mom’s Choice: The Best Hairstyles and Accessories for Flower Girls

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It’s always an honor for a little girl to be selected as a flower girl. We’re sure that the flower girls that participated in the recent royal weddings were all excited. Every wedding is a magical experience that’s filled with elation. Your little girl is also excited at the prospect of being an important part of a wedding. However what hairstyles and accessories are Mom-approved? Keep reading as we share the best options to make your flower girl shine on the wedding day!

Celebrate Her Curls!

little blond girl lying on floor

If your flower girl has naturally curly hair, you can use this to your advantage. You can choose loose curls that are pinned back with these adorable jeweled hair clips. They will keep her hair out of her face and also celebrate her youthfulness.

Mom’s Choice: The Best Hairstyles and Accessories for Flower

Does your flower girl have tighter curls? She can wear them loose as well. You can simply accessorize her curls with an adorable bow (or two). You can check out these sets of cute bowknot hairpins at Daddy’s Girl Clothing. Simplicity does it!

Mom’s Choice: The Best Hairstyles and Accessories for Flower

Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are a hairstyle that is easy to achieve and easy to wear. On the plus side, your flower girl would likely be accustomed to wearing braids, so this style will not prove to be an issue. You can accessorize these braids with clips or bows to add a pop of color and interest for the special day.

A Simple Hair Bun

This is an easy, go-to hairstyle for all ages. The hair and makeup for the rest of the bridal party will take a lot of time, so it’s best to have a simple, yet beautiful hairstyle for your flower girl.

You can also accessorize the simple hair bun with one stunning hair clip that will elevate her look. This bow adds an adorable detail that everyone will enjoy!

Mom’s Choice: The Best Hairstyles and Accessories for Flower

Half Updo

 child wearing half updo hairstyle

You can have the best of both worlds: a comfortable updo and an abundance of curls. A half updo lets your little flower girl feel included, as her hairstyle mimics that of adult members of the bridal party.

You can add some interest to this updo by adorning it with crystal embellished hair clips and clamps. There are many color options available for these accessories, so you can replicate the wedding color scheme in your flower girl’s hair.

Mom’s Choice: The Best Hairstyles and Accessories for Flower

Braids and Curls

braids and curls hairstyle with accessories

Just like the half updo, you can also do a mix of braids and curls. The braids along her hairline keep her hair out of her face. The curls along her shoulders will give her the princess look that she will adore! Plus you have so many accessories that can complement this look.

Let It Flow!

little girl with flowing tresses hairstyle

If your flower girl has long tresses and she normally likes to wear her hair loose, then accommodate her. You can adorn her long locks with bejeweled clips and cute bowknot pins. If you are worried that she may grow tired of having her hair out all day, then opt for a simple, yet classy elastic hair tie with a gold-plated ring to keep it all in a low ponytail.

Mom’s Choice: The Best Hairstyles and Accessories for Flower

Mom-Approved Comfortable Hairstyles and Beautiful Accessories

We’ve shared some good options to style your flower girl’s hair on that special day. You want your little girl to feel comfortable all day, so it’s best to choose a hairstyle that is close to what she would normally wear. If your flower girl is a bit older, you can get her input on the hairstyle that she would like to have for the wedding. This will help her feel confident and happy to fulfill all her duties on the day. Regardless of the choice of hairstyle, the right accessories will always give additional interest to your flower girl’s appearance.

Visit Daddy’s Girl Clothing for excellent high-quality accessories at affordable prices. Your flower girl deserves to look and feel like a princess on this magical day!

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