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Is a Flower Girl Ivory Dress OK for My Wedding?

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You have so many decisions to make about the most magical day of your life. It’s not just about choosing your own dress, but also the outfits for your entire wedding party. We’re sure that you have heard of ivory dresses as alternatives to the traditional white dresses. But is a flower girl ivory dress ok for your own wedding? At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, the flower girls wore adorable dresses made of ivory silk Radzimir. So let’s discuss if flower girl ivory dresses are suitable for your wedding. 

Why Flower Girl Ivory Dresses Are Acceptable

We used to think that a bride could only wear white on her wedding day. But now, the color palette is more varied - and completely acceptable.  Ivory is a color that goes well with any skin tone. It’s also a color that infuses warmth and gives you a more luxurious feel. 

You may wonder if a flower girl ivory dress is a bit “grown-up” for your little wedding attendant. However what makes a dress age-appropriate is not so much the color, but the design, material, and length of that dress. Here’s a perfect example of a flower girl dress, ivory in color, that is just perfect:

Is a Flower Girl Ivory Dress OK for My Wedding?

Benefits of a Flower Girl Ivory Dress

There are many benefits to having your mini bride dressed in this fashionable ivory hue. This color will make any complexion give off a warm and inviting glow. But that’s not all! Weddings are an all-day affair, which can be taxing for the youngest member of your bridal party. She will need to eat several times during the day, and so ivory may be an ideal color to help mask any stains. Your flower girl is still a child and she will want to play. Once again, an ivory dress will help to keep her looking pristine as the day’s festivities progress. 

How to Choose the Right Flower Girl Dress: Ivory or Not

It's up to you: flower girl ivory dress or not

While there are many flower girl ivory dresses for you to choose from, it’s still your choice if you want to go with this color. Regardless of whether you choose a flower girl ivory dress or not, you need to keep the following factors in mind:

Design: While you may have a designer wedding dress, remember that some styles are not appropriate for children. Therefore, you may not be able to replicate your dress for your flower girl. Instead, you can choose details from your dress (such as appliques, lace or color) to use for your flower girl’s dress. You will also want to go sleeveless in the warmer months for maximum breathability and happiness from your mini-bride. 

Material: Your flower girl will wear her dress all day. Therefore it needs to be lightweight, breathable and very comfortable. You want her dress to be made of a wrinkle-free material as well. Therefore, the best materials for these dresses include chiffon, silk, satin, and tulle.

Dress Length: The choice of dress length depends on the age of your flower girl. For toddlers, you want to go with a shorter dress length so that they won’t take a tumble during your ceremony. In the case of older girls, you can choose longer dresses, as they are able to easily manage the longer length. 

The Ruling for Flower Girl Dresses: Ivory is In!

We hope that your mind is more at ease when it comes to choosing a flower girl ivory dress. You don’t have to restrict your choices in the color palette that you select for your wedding. Feel free to experiment with color as much as you desire. You can be assured that flower girl ivory dresses are completely fashionable. We invite you to check out our wide selection of flower girl dresses and other children’s clothes at Daddy’s Girl Clothing. So step into our virtual store and benefit from our great deals right away! 

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