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Blush Flower Girl Dresses Are In!

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Yes, you heard correct: blush flower girl dresses are a popular choice. We know that the traditional colors are white and ivory, but a burgundy flower girl dress is a good alternative. But, you don’t need to restrict yourself to only two colors. A variety of shades of purple flower girl dresses can serve you well for your memorable celebration. Now, let’s discuss all the reasons why blush flower girl dresses are a great option!

Blush Flower Girl Dresses are Acceptable

This shade of burgundy flower girl dresses represents a new alternative for modern weddings. Its vibrant hue warms the skin of the wearer by adding a graceful glow. You don’t have to worry that the color is too grown-up for your little mini bride. This is true since it’s not the color that makes a dress age-appropriate, but the design, material, and dress length. At Daddy’s Girl Clothing, we have the perfect shade of a purple flower girl dress just for you: 

Blush Flower Girl Dresses Are In!

The Advantages of Burgundy Flower Girl Dresses

Although this is not a traditional color for flower girls, it has many benefits. This rosy hue is the perfect complement to any complexion. However, there are more pluses to consider. Weddings take an entire day, which can actually be a strain for your little attendant. Your flower girl will need to eat throughout the day, so a colored dress is perfect to mask any food stains. She will also want to run about and play, which can create a mess. However, blush flower girl dresses will still look clean regardless of the activities that are done in them. 

Tips to Choose the Right Flower Girl Dress: Burgundy or Not

At Daddy’s Girl Clothing, we have a wide array of colored dresses for you to consider, like this one:

Blush Flower Girl Dresses Are In!


You’ll then be able to make your best selection. Whether you choose to purchase this shade of a purple flower girl dress or not, you still need to consider some key factors:

Design: It’s traditional for the flower girl dress to be a variant of the bride’s gown. But, you should keep in mind that some adult dress designs are not suitable for children. Alternately, you can replicate details from your gown (like appliques, accents, or color) in your flower girl’s dress. Sleeveless dresses are also suitable for warmer months to keep the little ones comfortable. In contrast, long sleeves in the fall and winter will keep these youngest attendants warm and cozy. 

Dress Material: You want to choose the right material for your flower girl’s dress. Ideally, it should be a fabric that is breathable, lightweight and easy to wear. The material should also be wrinkle-free so that her dress will remain pristine throughout the ceremony. 

Length of Dress: The dress length is another consideration. Your choice of dress length depends on the age of your flower girl. For younger girls (like toddlers) it’s best to choose shorter dresses, as their mobility is not as well developed. However, older girls can wear long dresses, as they are able to better manage the length.

The Best Blush Flower Girl Dresses for You

 Little girl in one of the blush flower girl dresses

You should now feel more comfortable to consider blush as a color for your flower girl’s dress. You can also choose other colors for your favorite girl on your special day. We encourage you to explore a wide range of colors. You can rest easy: blush flower girl dresses are in! We have a diversified selection of dresses for you at Daddy’s Girl Clothing. So, browse our online store and enjoy these exceptional deals!

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