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Are Boho Flower Girl Dresses a Fit for Your Wedding?

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We have so many styles of weddings. There’s the traditional, contemporary, beach, country/farm, garden, bohemian, and many others. In this article, we will focus on boho flower girl dresses that are suitable for outdoor weddings. Keep reading as we discuss the boho style and why you should consider a boho flower girl dress. 

What Is Boho?

Boho or the bohemian style refers to an elegant, but relaxed style. Boho style is not only relaxed in nature, but it’s also unique and may include a mix of different styles. While there are no “color rules” in this style, warm earth-toned, metallic, and jewel colors tend to be the norm. Deep browns, greens, and grays serve as base colors, which are then layered with vibrant colors like orange, electric blue, and purple. Boho weddings are laid-back and fun, and so it is with boho flower girl dresses!

Boho Flower Girl Dresses: Design Elements

Boho flower girl dresses feature an effortless style as evidenced in loose, simple dresses. The fabric of these dresses tends to be airy and lightweight. These dresses may be sleeveless, short-sleeved, bell sleeves, or cut-out/cold shoulder sleeves. Lace overlays can also come into play, and serve as a nod to the vintage influence on the style. A boho flower girl dress is often capped off with a garland crown featuring natural flowers that are in season. This look is easy and playful with a hint of fantasy thrown in. At Daddy’s Girl Clothing, we have several pieces that fit the bill:


Are Boho Flower Girl Dresses a Fit for Your Wedding?

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Are Boho Flower Girl Dresses a Fit for Your Wedding?

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Can Younger Girls Wear Boho Flower Girl Dresses?

It may seem like boho is a style for grownups or older girls. However, there is no age limit to the bohemian style. Since the look features roomy, airy dresses, this is perfect for the comfort of the smallest member of your bridal party. There are toddler flower girl dresses that adopt the simple boho style and feature age-appropriate dress lengths and materials. So, never fear! The boho style is one completely child-friendly style. We know that your mini bride will enjoy her flower garland and be happy to wear it all day long! 

Are Boho Flower Girl Dresses a Fit for Your Wedding?

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Other Considerations for Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

Choosing a flower girl dress has many requirements that you need to keep in mind. Let’s consider a few:

Match the Theme: Your flower girl dress must match the theme of your wedding. Therefore, boho flower girl dresses are a perfect match for outdoor weddings in the green of nature, or a beach setting. 

The Style: The flower girl dress doesn’t have to be a replica of the bride’s gown (especially if the latter’s design is not suitable for children). However, design elements from the wedding dress can be displayed in the flower girl’s dress using things such as appliques, lace, and color. Sleeveless, breathable dresses are ideal for the warmer months, while sleeves are better for the warmth needed in the colder months. 

The Fabric: Your little flower girl will need to be comfortable during the day’s events. So, it’s best to get a dress material that is airy, lightweight, and wrinkle-free. The ideal materials for these dresses include satin, silk, chiffon, and tulle. 

The Right Hemline: The age of your flower girl will determine the length of her dress. A shorter dress is suitable for toddlers and smaller girls. That way, they are less likely to tumble on the big day. Longer dresses are more appropriate for older girls, who have mastered the art of walking and many other things! 

Buy at the Best Time: You need to buy your flower girl dress in advance of your wedding date. But, since children grow quickly, you don’t want to buy her dress too early. It’s best to make this purchase four to six months before your wedding day - and also buy a size up. 

Boho Flower Girl Dresses Are Popular

Boho flower girl dresses are adorable and perfect for almost all outdoor weddings that are nature- or beach-themed. Their flowing, easy-to-wear style makes them suitable for flower girls of all ages. At Daddy’s Girl Clothing, we offer the latest and best in flower girl dresses and other children’s clothing. So, visit us and enjoy some great deals when you do!

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