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No More Tantrums: Quick Tips to Keep Your Flower Girl Happy on Your Wedding Day

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You have followed the latest royal weddings in the UK and you have been taking notes! From the dresses to the colour schemes and the decor, you have been a diligent student. But, have you ever wondered about the good behaviour of the little flower girls at these royal ceremonies? Were you simply amazed at their poise? Well, wonder no longer! Keep reading for some great tips to keep your own flower girl just as happy and well-mannered on your special day! 

Choose Comfort Over Style

Yes, the latest designs may appeal to you, but children like to be comfortable. Choose well-fitting shoes, a simple hairstyle, and easy accessories for your flower girl.

Most importantly, your flower girl’s dress must be lightweight and breathable. For the warmer months, choose to go sleeveless to keep her cool all day. You should also eliminate any fabric or appliques that may add the itch factor and unwanted tears. Consider the age of your flower girl when choosing her dress length. Shorter dresses are better for younger girls to easily wear and manage.

Here’s a perfect example of a flower girl dress that is beautiful, yet very comfortable:

No More Tantrums: Quick Tips to Keep Your Flower Girl Happy


She Needs Her Happy Rest

We know about beauty rest, but your little flower girl also needs her happy rest. Tired children tend to throw tantrums, which is what you want to avoid. So before your wedding day, ensure that your little lady is well-rested and in good health. She will then be totally adorable and at her best! 

Snacks are Your Friend

It may sound like a bad idea for your flower girl to eat in her dress, but it’s fine. Hungry children are more likely to get upset, so she will need to eat. Arrange for colourless food and spill-proof drinks to keep her filled and hydrated all day long.

Compliments and Treats

Your little flower girl wants to feel like she’s an important part of your special day. Compliment her about her dress, hair and good manners. You should also take lots of pictures with her. You can give her little treats for behaving well. Trust us, the treats will definitely work during the lengthy hair and makeup for yourself and the rest of your wedding party. 

Keep Your Flower Girl Entertained

Children have short attention spans, so you want the day to be interesting for your flower girl as well. Arrange child-friendly activities like sticker-books, bubbles, and puzzles to keep her occupied. Bonus point? Have her favourite quiet games and books on hand! 

Practice Makes Perfect

Make sure that your flower girl practices her roles for your wedding day. Help her to take ownership of her special duties and she will be proud and happy to perform them. Coordinate with her parents to keep talking to her about your wedding as a part of her preparation. Your flower girl will then be excited and look forward to being her best on the day itself. 

Get Some Help

You will be quite busy on your wedding day, so call in reinforcements! You will need to get the help of your flower girl’s parents or another well-liked adult to keep an eye on her. They will keep her in good spirits and work to resolve any possible upsets to her happy disposition on your wedding day. 

Give Your Flower Girl a Gift!

No More Tantrums: Quick Tips to Keep Your Flower Girl Happy

You can be her Santa Claus by letting your flower girl know that she has a wonderful gift to receive after your wedding. She will likely choose to be nice instead of naughty in return! At any rate, you will be giving gifts to your adult wedding party members, so include your flower girl too. She will treasure her gift and the memory of her role in your wedding.

Talking about gift-giving, you can choose from any of our great selections at Daddy’s Girl Clothing to appreciate your flower girl for making your day a very special one!

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