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How to Keep White Flower Girl Dresses Clean for Wedding Celebrations

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You want everything and everyone to look absolutely pristine on your special day. However, white flower girl dresses can prove to be a challenge in this regard. You may have seen the flower girls at the recent royal weddings, and they all looked perfect for the duration of the ceremonies. We want to share some quick tips about how you can keep your flower girl looking completely clean and beautiful during your wedding day!

Quick Tips to Keep Your Flower Girl Dress White on Your Big Day

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The traditional color for a flower girl dress is white. The problem is that this color readily displays all stains or any imperfections. But never fear: you don’t need to return the dress. Your flower girl can still wear her white dress and look fresh and pure as the morning dew! Let’s take a look at some of these tried-and-true tips:

Choose the Right Foods for Your Flower Girl

Your mini-bride will need to keep her tummy full and her thirst in check throughout your wedding celebrations. You can avoid any major dress incidents by a skillful choice of her refreshment options. For this occasion, you should choose foods that she can easily eat herself without creating a mess. Foods that don’t drip and aren’t brightly colored, as well as non-fizz, clear drinks, are perfect for your wedding day. She’ll be able to help herself all throughout the day and still keep clean. 

Pick Entertainment That Doesn’t Require Physical Exertion

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The things that interest us as adults are quite boring for children. To keep your flower girl out of mischief, you will need to keep her entertained. But, you don’t want your flower girl to run around before the ceremony (or during) getting sweaty and soiled. So, you will need to carefully choose activities that don’t require too much physical exertion. These include mobile phone games, puzzles, and blowing bubbles.  Plus, you can make her feel special by taking lots of adorable pictures with her - even while you and the rest of your bridal team are getting ready. She will feel included and be distracted from any possible accidents to her dress.

Consider the Fabric Type of Your Flower Girl’s Dress

You should know the fabric type and recommended care of all the dresses in your bridal party. If your flower girl’s dress gets stained, then the fabric type will determine the cleaning that’s required. Dry cleaning is often required for silk, acetate, and rayon fabrics. However, dresses that are made of satin, tulle, organza, shantung, cotton, or poly silk can be quickly hand washed and dried with a blow dryer. 

Learn How to Handle the Decoration on Her Dress

How to Keep White Flower Girl Dresses Clean for Wedding


Does your flower girl dress have a lot of decoration to consider? In the event of a major spill on her dress, then you must know how to deal with it. 

Any special beading (glued or sewn), sequins and decorative flowers mean a lot more care needs to be taken. However when you only have detachable flowers, then they can be easily removed for any cleaning. Either way, you should treat her dress with the utmost care. 

Know the Possible Stains 

You should be able to identify any stains that may appear on your flower girl’s dress. Each type of stain has a different method of removal. Some stains may dry clear, but you may have to deal with spots afterward if the residue isn’t completely removed. The sugar in sweet treats and sodas, salt or any acidic stains will turn brown over time. But all hope is not lost! Here’s a complete guide to stain removal by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI). 

Master the Art of Spot Cleaning

No one will likely have time on your wedding day to do a deep clean of any stain. So here’s what you need to keep in mind for spot cleaning a stain in a pinch!

  • Rub a bar of baby soap over the stain and place a towel under the stained material. Then, spritz a few drops of water on the fabric. The stain should bleed through and be absorbed into the towel. 
  • If the first method isn’t possible, then gently dab at the stain with a mix of pure water and mild soap. Don’t rub the stain as that could cause it to spread. You can use ink remover for stubborn spots. In the case of oily food stains, sprinkle some baby powder over the stain, wait for about ten minutes, and then dust off the excess powder. The stain should have been absorbed by the powder.
  • The baby powder trick also works to disguise the stain on a white dress! Simply sprinkle some of the powder over the stain and then use a slightly damp cloth to pat the baby powder into the dress. You can then add more powder for further concealment. 

Flower Girl Dresses: White and Clean All Day Long!

When it comes to keeping a flower girl dress white and pristine, it’s more about prevention rather than scrambling for a cure on your special day. However, even if a stain occurs, don’t panic! We recommend that you simply prepare for all possibilities and take all in its stride. We have the best white flower girls dresses at Daddy’s Girl Clothing. We invite you to check out our collection and take advantage of our best deals! 

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