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Gold Flower Girl Dresses for You!

Posted on by Jose Paolo Miguel Espinosa 1 comment

What do you think about gold flower girl dresses? We know that the usual colors for all wedding-related dresses are either white or ivory. However, gold is a good accompaniment to other colors in your wedding design palette. So, keep reading to see why you should consider a gold flower girl dress for your special day!

The Significance of Gold

Gold is the color that signifies wealth, glamor, and grandeur. It’s similar to yellow and it exudes a warm glow. Gold is also the official fiftieth wedding anniversary gift, which is a good nod to the longevity of the love between the couple getting married. Sounds great, right? So, you should consider a gold flower girl dress for your wedding.

The Best Accompanying Colors for Gold

Gold and red roses

Gold also goes well with a variety of other colors that give a great contrast. Red and gold are a festive combination, which is suitable for a wedding during the holidays or during the winter season. Shades of blue also serve the same purpose. Orange and gold mirror the colorful foliage of fall and are perfect for such weddings. But, if you don’t want to follow the seasons, then other color combinations also work. Shades of purple, green, and rose pink work very well with gold as excellent wedding colors. 

Advantages of Gold Flower Girl Dresses

The warmth of gold makes it a great option for all complexions. Not only will your little flower girl glow all day, but she will look pristine. Gold flower girl dresses will mask any possible stains quite well. So your little mini bride will look her best all day long!

Other Considerations When Choosing a Flower Girl Dress

 Gold Flower Girl Dresses for You!

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Apart from choosing the right color, there are other factors to consider when choosing a flower girl dress. The design or style of the dress is the first factor. While some bridal gowns translate well in miniature versions, this is not always the case. Although some styles are not child-friendly, design elements can still be used in the corresponding flower girl dresses. Details such as appliques or lace can make the connection between the bride’s gown and the flower girl’s dress. 

Secondly, the material of your mini bride’s dress will determine her comfort level on that special day. Therefore, the fabric must be lightweight, breathable, and easy to wear.  You also want the material to be wrinkle-free. So, fabrics such as satin, silk, chiffon, and tulle are ideal for flower girl dresses. 

Finally, the length of the dress is another consideration. Toddlers and little girls should wear short dresses so that they can move freely and safely about during the ceremony and reception. Older girls can wear dresses that have a longer dress length, as they can easily wear them all day.

Gold Flower Girl Dresses Are In!

While you don’t have to choose a gold flower girl dress, you can rest easy knowing that it’s an acceptable option. Gold flower girl dresses have many benefits, and the color’s symbolism of longevity is perfect for your special day. At Daddy’s Girl Clothing, we have a wide range of flower girl dresses and other children’s clothing. So, check out our online store and get the best deals ever!

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