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Wedding Ideas For Year 2020

Posted on by Jose Paolo Miguel Espinosa 0 comments
Girl wearing a flower girl dress with her little basket

Wedding season 2020 is here! Weddings are such a beautiful event. Not only do they celebrate the love of two people, but also because of all of the magical moments, decorations, dresses and just about everything else. It is very important to have stunning wedding decors as well as breathtaking costumes for the participants, of course. But even the smaller details bring a lot of magical atmosphere to your wedding. And, today, we are going to talk about the smallest element – the flower girl. Seeing that little beautiful princess walk down the aisle is such a cute moment. So, it is important to give the youngest participant the perfect dress and the most recommended is the ivory flower girl dress.

Can A Flower Girl Wear Ivory Flower Girl Dress If The Bride Wears White?

One popular option is ivory that mimics the bride's wedding dress. Alternatively, some brides choose a flower girl dress in a similar hue to the bridesmaids' dresses, which visually connects her to the bridal party. If you can get in with an ivory flower girl dress  I would do so otherwise white will be ok, but personally, mostly will think that an ivory flower girl dress will look best.

Adorable Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

Your wedding is an exciting day for lots of people in particular one little lady who will be only dying to get her own princess dress on the day! While colorful, sparkly and even cute floral dresses are fun options for your flower girls, traditional and timeless white or ivory flower girl dresses are one of the most popular choices when it comes to kitting out the little lady. And there are lots of stores stocking adorable ivory flower girl dresses.

Does Ivory Flower Girl Dresses Go Well With White?

Since ivory is a neutral color, most any other color would go well with it. The only colors that are difficult to pair up with are other neutrals like white, cream or beige and some light grays and pastel yellows. The color ivory gets its name from the natural substance it resembles. But the color ivory remains as popular as ever. Often labeled as an off-white, it has the brightness of white with a hint of yellow that makes it more calming and peaceful than a blinding light.

What Are The Criterion In Choosing A Flower Girl Dress?

Formality and Style - Just like in the case with a wedding dress, formality and style matter. If you have a lush ceremony at a restaurant, you may buy lace ivory flower girl dresses or the ones with other luxurious details.

Quality and Comfort -  Undoubtedly, each child must wear comfortable clothes. Believe if your flower girl will feel uncomfortable in her outfit, her mood will be spoilt and it can affect your wedding. So, make the final choice, with much care. Remember that a kid must move freely in a dress and feel neither too cold nor too hot.

Where To Find The Perfect Ivory Flower Girl Dresses

There are many options for ivory flower girl dresses to choose from and you can find it in any clothing store, malls, bridal and online shops. And the other way is to borrow a dress from your friends or relatives. Though this way is the most money-saving, the probability of such an operation isn’t very high. Your flower girls can be of different age and size. Moreover, you may have weddings in absolutely different themes and styles. Still, an ivory flower girl dress is perfect than any other flower girls dresses.

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